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Frank Todaro Decisively Wins Independence and Conservative Party Primaries


June 26, 2019

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Frank Todaro Decisively Wins Independence and Conservative Party Primaries

Lancaster, NY — Frank Todaro, candidate for the Erie County Legislature, sprinted to victory with decisive support from Independence and Conservative Party voters.

“The voters have spoken, and tonight they said ‘enough is enough’. I am fighting for taxpayers, and standing up to make sure that their needs come first. While liberal’s in Albany and Buffalo continue to choose rule breakers over rule followers, the taxpayers are clearly demanding new leadership. I am proud to have the support of the Conservative and Independence voters, and I am excited to continue fighting for the taxpayers of Erie County as we build momentum for November,” said Frank Todaro.

Frank Todaro is running for County Legislator in the 8th District, covering Cheektowaga-Depew, Lancaster, and Alden. A father of five, Frank is the proud owner of Collision Masters and a member of the BOCES 1 board. With the primary results in, Frank will appear on the November ballot endorsed by the Republican, Conservative, Independence, and Libertarian Parties. 


Frank Todaro Strongly Opposes Drivers Licenses for Illegal Immigrants


June 6, 2019

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Contact: Jesse Prieto, 716-243-2844

Frank Todaro Strongly Opposes Drivers Licenses for Illegal Immigrants 

Lancaster, NY — Statement from Frank Todaro, candidate for the Erie County Legislature’s 8th District on John Bruso’s vote blocking the resolution which would have opposed Driver’s Licenses for illegal immigrants.

“The rule of law must be respected, and it is unfortunate that John Bruso chose to favor law breakers over taxpayers. As a first generation immigrant, I know the hardships my family experienced when coming from Italy to America in search of  a better life for themselves and their children.  

They followed the rules. They worked hard and fought for the American Dream. 

Taxpayers must come first, and it’s time that Erie County and New York State stop allowing law-breakers to cut-ahead. I believe in the rule of law, and I stand opposed to granting licenses to illegal immigrants.” 

Currently the “Green Light NY” is being debated in the New York State Assembly, which would grant illegal immigrants licenses. Today, the Erie County Democratic Caucus blocked a vote which would have opposed licenses for illegal immigrants.  This bill is accompanied by Senate Bill S5527 which would allow Governor Andrew Cuomo to remove duly elected County Clerks from office if they fail to support giving licenses to illegal immigrants.