In the News: Animal testing cruel, unnecessary practice

Animal testing cruel, unnecessary practice

By Bee Group Newspapers | on March 11, 2020

Erie County Legislator

It’s been another busy month working in the 8th Legislative District and recognizing people and organizations that help our community thrive. I thank the residents of Cheektowaga, Bowmansville, Lancaster, Depew and Alden for your continued support and encouragement. In the meantime, my colleagues and I in the Erie County Legislature’s Minority Caucus have been busy fighting on behalf of taxpayers and advocating for a number of different laws and initiatives.

At our most recent session of the legislature, I am proud to share that a resolution I sponsored urging New York state to ban the sale of cosmetics tested on animals passed with unanimous support. Sadly, the U.S. Humane Society estimates 500,000 animals suffer and die each year because of animal testing. This includes rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and mice. Animal testing is a cruel and unnecessary practice. As our resolution notes, there are many different testing methods available to companies that do not involve hurting an animal. Right now, more than 39 countries have full or partial bans on animal testing, with a number of U.S. states recently passing their own legislation to follow suit.

Additionally, more than 250 companies have endorsed legislation to ban cosmetics testing on animals. A friend of mine, Giovanni Picone, is the North American director for the Alfaparf group and represents major cosmetics lines. Giovanni travels the world for his job and provided a statement from his company on animal-free testing to the Legislature. The Alfaparf group states they have never tested on animals and have not delegated others to do so. This was helpful as we discussed our resolution and why ending animal testing is so important. We hope to send a message to Albany that animal testing needs to stop, and any cosmetics tested on animals should not be available for purchase in New York state.

I’d also like to share details regarding my office’s upcoming community outreach event on Tuesday, March 31. I am partnering with Erie County Clerk Mickey Kearns to provide information on county government, county services, and programs and services offered by the clerk’s office. We will be at the Cheektowaga Senior Center on Broadway from 1 to 2:30 p.m.

If you would like to get an event on my calendar, please feel free to contact my office at or by phone at 681-2071.

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