Singular spending authority no longer necessary

By Bee Group Newspapers | on April 15, 2021Frank J. Todaro 8th DISTRICT ERIE COUNTY LEGISLATOR I hope everyone had a safe, enjoyable Easter holiday with their loved ones. Since last month’s column, there have been even more vaccinations delivered in Erie County and eligibility has just expanded. This is great news as we hope … Continue reading Singular spending authority no longer necessary

Nuns in congregate settings should be high priority

This is why I was shocked and disappointed to know that nuns living in congregate settings and long-term care facilities were excluded from phase 1. After learning this, I immediately put together a resolution advocating for them to receive high-priority vaccine status.

Bars, restaurants should fully reopen

By Bee Group Newspapers | on January 14, 2021Frank J. TodaroERIE COUNTY LEGISLATOR The number 2021 has a nice ring to it; Happy New Year! Many obstacles were put in front of us in 2020, but we pushed through and gave it our all. The New Year also marks one year since I was sworn in as an Erie … Continue reading Bars, restaurants should fully reopen