In the News: Back to Business program receives overwhelming response

In order to ensure the selection process was conducted as fairly as possible, my colleagues and I in the Minority Caucus introduced a resolution requesting a full accounting of the program, once businesses are selected. We need to make sure we are given every detail surrounding who applied, who received funding, and who was left out.

In the News: Legislature continues to focus on business relief, initiatives

I am also proud to announce I recently introduced a proclamation declaring October as Italian Heritage Month in Erie County. This is something very special to me, as my parents came to America from Sicily as immigrants to work, start a family and live the American dream.

In the News: Legislator proposes Small Business Relief Program

This is why my colleagues and I are proposing a Small Business Relief Program that would take $22 million in remaining CARES Act funds and divide it among businesses in need throughout Erie County. During these challenging times, it’s important we do our part to help struggling businesses, their owners, and employees.