In the News: Continue investing in projects to better community

As I have said before, it is incredible to see so many passionate business owners choose Lancaster as their home. From retail to coffee shops and restaurants, there are a number of great establishments for our residents or visitors to enjoy. This village center has a lot of great potential and it’s important to continue investing in projects that will help our community thrive.

In the News: Unemployment issues must be addressed

In response to this, I introduced a resolution calling for the New York State Assembly and state Senate to hold hearings with the Labor Department to seek measures to better process new and existing unemployment benefit applications, and call on the state Comptroller’s Office to conduct an audit of the Labor Department’s procedures, so we know what is being done and what is falling through the cracks. With millions of New Yorkers unemployed through no fault of their own, it’s time for New York state to provide better service for the taxpayers. I am proud to share with you that the resolution received the unanimous support of my colleagues in the Erie County Legislature. We are sending a bipartisan message to Albany that these issues involving unemployment must be addressed, and taxpayers deserve better from our state leaders.